PC App Store Download free for Windows 10/7/8 (64 bit / 32 bit)

PC App Store Download 2020 for Windows

PC App Store Download free for Windows 10/7/8 is a vital platform proposed by Baidu to install, uninstall, upgrade, download, and search apps in only one place. It’s possible to use its most recent version, for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. The PC App Store functions free, and you can get right into the Chinese’s biggest search engine to set up the software. You can set up any app with the help of the PC Play Store and upgrade your PC with time along with the most recent apps.

Review of PC App Store

PC App Store is a free internet application designed by the internet giant Baidu to assist users from all over the world to easily, quickly, and with no hassle detect, download and maintain up-to-date applications in their Windows OS. With UI meant to be used by everyone from complete beginners to experienced PC engineers, Baidu PC App Store download suggests a superb means to replicate and maintain your package of Windows applications. To simplify the entire life with probably hundreds of installed apps, PC App Store combines a fully-featured Uninstaller tool, which will automatically manage the removal of all its apps.

The user interface of the windows app store boosts the easy result of new apps, using built-in management tools for downloading, maintaining apps up-to-date, ordering, and installing apps. Besides programs from several categories (like browsers, audio, and video apps, system utilities, desktop apps, safety tools, instruction, office applications, CD&DVD tools, background tools, and lots of other people), this download play store for pc may also be used for downloading free, shareware, presentation or business video games.

PC App Store Download for WindowsPC App Store Download 2020 for Windows 10

Baidu pc app store is an essential name from the Chinese sector. Its is a significant platform of social networking and research engine. The Baidu company manufactures this PC Apps store. It is very simple to downloading and paying for application considerably simpler in China and other areas where a few constraints of Software download directly.

Pc App Store download is Freeware App that’s assisting you installing and upgrades the new app on just a single click. This store also features an uninstaller alternative with the assistance of this; it is easy to uninstall your apps that you don’t need it longer.

How to Install the PC App Store

To enable more easy control of installed apps, the pc app store can run silently in the background and also scan your software, immediately notifying you when it finds obsolete apps and giving you all the easy one-click alternative for updates. Log of all of your activities from the PC App Store Download is stored on the local storage, allowing you a natural means to see your previous actions and determine precisely when you’ve made software changes on your PC. PC App Store Download may be quite helpful in the situations when you have to ascertain exactly what triggered your PC to encounter instabilities, crashes, or data loss.

PC App Store may be installed in only moments on all modern versions of Windows OS. It can readily run on old PC settings; also, it doesn’t require much computing resources when it’s in use. PC App Store will display the proportion of its customers who have accepted an update to the latest versions.

Information about PC App Store

Latest VersionPC App Store
Average Rating4+
SupportsWindow 10 / Window 8 / Window 8.1 / Window 7
Product AuthorBaidu PC APP STORE

Key Features:


The PC App Store download provides you all of the improvements of windows in 1 area. You can perform all operations, such as installing apps extremely fast. Only with a few clicks, you can download or perhaps upgrade your apps.

Free Entertainment

The PC App Store download includes a Massive collection. A number of the fresher requirement price, but many are free. It’s possible to download any piece of artwork or image and set it as your screen history.

Safe and Secure

The download PC App Store gets the luxury of reliable, authentic, and protected apps. It’s an incredibly intuitive UI, and you don’t need to lean it.

The use of Changelog

The PC App Store introduces a Changelog to highlights all your work and eliminates unwanted files.
Additionally, it informs you about the upgrades of any downloaded apps.

A Particular App for Free Applications

PC App Store download for windows comes with a distinctive app for free downloading of applications and games. Along with also a schedule of automatically changing of wallpapers onto your desktop computer.

Quick Uninstall

Using the PC App Store, you’ll be able to download plenty of apps with a couple of clicks. Similarly, the uninstallation is also quite simple and fast. With the support of this uninstaller application, you can get rid of all your unwanted apps.

Compatibility of Software

The PC App Store is broadly compatible, and you’ll be able to run it for windows 10/8/8.1/7, Vista, in addition to XP, even for the installation of 32-bit or also 64-bit. In reality, it’s accredited software as a free downloading program quite easily.

Latest Updating System

Since the PC App Store Download supports fast installing, additionally, it provides a method of getting upgrades automatically. You can find sequences of documents that will be opened by one, and you shouldn’t take action manually.

Formerly, it was a hard or frustrating encounter to download or install any of those Chinese apps. Now, through the Baidu pc play store app download, you may download Chinese apps without any constraints of place. These apps are free of viruses or malware.

Frequently Downloaded Versions

PC App Store download 4.9, 4.8, and 4.7 variants are often downloaded from consumers. Since the software is a track by its anti-virus program. What’s more, the program has Internet tools and also a download manager.

The use of Credit Card

The PC App Store offers you opportunities to purchase paid apps. For your purpose, you must input all of the info regarding your credit card.

Free of Malware or Viruses

The PC App Store download lets you download or install any one of your popular apps, as it offers the assurance of protection from viruses and malware since the store has its anti-virus program Baidu Antivirus for scanning the apps.

Automated Scanning

You’ll be able to get info regarding outdated apps or apps on your working system. Since the Baidu app store, as you understand, the free software will scan your system and notify you about the apps necessary to be upgraded.

Easy to Use Interface

With a rather straightforward and user-friendly interface, the PC App Store has superbly organized a program. It appears smart and attractive.

Interesting About PC App Store Download

Furthermore, PC App store download windows 7 comes with an automatic desktop changer, and also the Store will have every among the apps and matches you want. Wait no more and comprise apps on Windows 7 at the Windows Store with much ease. There are plenty of unique features of the Play Store you can avail of, which we will talk in a different section.

This PC app store download windows 10 is also very well-built. The one thing which you want to consider is when you’ve got the information to download the essential apps. The UI of this program is entirely inherent. So you don’t need to educate on how to utilize it.

So what is looking great so much before you click on the name of the software that you want to download PC app store for windows? So the crucial area of the program that is there to inform you in detail about the software that you want to download is poorly done.

Using the PC Apps Store download, you might set up any Android App on your system. In PC Apps store download, show you only apps that Compatibility with your apparatus. When an application has a brand-new version update, and you also set the choice.


  • PC App Store Download for Windows 10,7,8Download and Install PC app store software easily.
  • Uninstalling and Handling any app readily.
  • Multiply Operation for Program on the Only Click.
  • PC App Store Download has Automatic Scan Choice, Which Scans any obsolete Program and notifies you for upgrading.
  • Games Portable download and then install your unique games.
  • Virus Free and Higher quality and Dependable apps.
  • Official and protected application it receives from official sites.
  • Works on all working System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, 32-bit/64-bit.
  • Unlimited Download Rate without any Download Thread Limited Rates.
  • Installation and Manages any Installed App.
  • Show a List of Popular Apps from all over the World.
  • Download many Kinds of applications like Trail/Demo/Freeware/Shareware.
  • Upgrades downloaded within the PC App Store.
  • Simple to use and fast installation.
  • Resumes disrupt download documents.
  • Baidu PC App Store Manage by some programmers for assessing virus and secure free applications.
  • Every Install Program includes a changelog. That is all about the Feature and variant of these apps.
  • This program doesn’t have an official site for upgrading.
  • Automatically configure this app store for pc for eliminating download setup once the app already installed.
  • This App Store Easily Install your PC without any tutorial demands. Only follow these steps.


How To Install PC App Store Download

  • Click Download Button to Download PC App Store for your windows.
  • That is a Virus Free”.exe” Document.
  • After installing, You find a software portal site icon.
  • Click to start it.
  • Now you’re able to download any applications using PC App Store and install it easily on your windows.


PC App Store download is published since May 22, 2018, and is the first software component of the System Utility subcategory. It gained over 5,813 installations all period and over 54 final weeks. It’s accessible for Windows, and the interface is in English.

The program was created by Baidu and continues to be revised on October 1, 2019. It’s a little instrument (22.7 MB) and doesn’t require an excessive amount of space compared to the remaining products listed on System Utilities. It’s highly Utilized in India, Pakistan, and the United States of America.

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